Saturday, March 19, 2011

Schools Out....Forever! (Or until I go to nursing school)

Ah, the freedom of having an extended period away from school! Time to finish games I have accumulated over the past few months. Atelier Rorona: The Alchemists of Arland, Yakuza 3, Back to the Future The Game Part 2, and the Shivering Isles expansion for Oblivion!
I have already played some of Atelier Rorona, finishing the first alchemy 'quest' and getting half-way through the 2nd. It is not the most exciting game in the world, it can be summed up into: gather ingredients, make alchemy shit for people, make MORE alchemy shit for people, make alchemy shit for money. You the player has to be motivated to finish the game because the game will not be leading you. It doesn't tell you okay, today you gather some magic grass. You have to decide to do that. Lots of time management is involved. Each recipe takes a certain amount of days, walking to the gathering locations takes a certain amount of days, and of course you have a deadline to meet for turning in your alchemic creations.
I can't say I love the game, its almost like an overgrown visual novel. But I do like the characters and want to see how the story goes. It is definitely a game to take in small doses otherwise you might get bored of doing the same thing every in-game day.

Oblivion the Shivering Isles is just awesome. Its a good dose of insanity for a very sane Oblivion.

The Back to the Future game is amazing. It feels like how another BTTF sequel would have played out. Voice acting is phenomenal for Marty! Any BTTF fan needs to play this game.

Yakuza 3 is being shipped to me as I speak. I'm pretty excited for it- kicking the crap out of people, a good story, Japanese culture, and the Yakuza. Sounds good to me!

Sunday, January 9, 2011


This picture has nothing to do with this post... it is just hilarious.

I hate when professors ask you to introduce yourself to the class. I am not a particularly interesting person. I have never slaughtered a bull, rescued kittens from the side of the road (only because I never see any kittens by the side of the road) or speak 5 languages fluently.

My mind generally just blanks and I say "I play video games a lot?" But then I become horror stricken... I'm being a gamer gurrrrl. Que awkward slouching in seat and avoiding glances from internet savy types who would soon shoot hateful glares at my annoying internet stereotype. Yes, I am neurotic.

But why should I be afraid of saying I play games a lot? A guy can say it without feeling he is an annoying internet stereotype. Either you're a "gamer gurrrl" or its "omg you're a girl who plays games marry me!" Middle ground where are you?

Maybe its just me who sees this dichotomy or its me who is not seeing the middle ground. Or I just spend too much time on the damn internet.

So about the Oblivion mods....

Finally got a PC version of Oblivion (thanks santa!) and mods ahoy! Well not really I only installed one mod and was quite satisfied with my results:
Note: I am huge sucker for elves and pigtails. Now I can stealth kill with a :3 face on.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Would you like some psychology with your games?

Not everyone who plays games is the best. But some people seem to think girls are inferior at gaming. Sure some girls do suck, as do some guys, but if a girl sucks its attributed to her gender. A guy sucks, well then he just sucks, not because he owns a penis.

Not to fear girls! We might be facing a stereotype threat. When someone is being tested (i.e. playing a multiplayer game) on a skill that is not something their group of people is seen at excelling at (girls suck at videogames!) they will often do poorly compared to a situation where they were not being tested (like sitting at home playing by themselves). There are not any studies on this though so I am basically making a hypothesis that girls might suffer from a stereotype threat while playing games and this hampers performance. I could be wrong but psychology is fun just like any science!

I have no idea how to counteract this effect though so either I didn't study enough social psychology or no one figured it out....

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Gaming Dogs

This picture is pretty funny. I have cocker spaniel- like in the picture, and it totally got 2 perfects in a row in DDR. My dog is badass.

Saturday, July 31, 2010


Now I'm not generally one for medieval-lord of the rings-etc style game settings. Granted WoW did have a major part in changing my mind. But Oblivion is really, really fun. As if everyone didn't already know that, right? I never even bothered with the gates, and set out upon completing the thieves guild and the dark brotherhood quests. Even after completing both of those questlines I barely scratched the surface of the game! I would say I got bang for my buck but its not my copy, so HA free enjoyment.

Definitely a game I regret not playing sooner. I really need to get over this aversion to medieval type game settings, lest I drown in JRPGs (my go-to genre). Oh and Oblivion has elves, I love elves. Too bad playing on the PS3 I can't get cool catgirl maid mods for my characters. Yes I am serious I do want catgirl maids, don't hate. The character editor makes it challenging to get pretty looking characters (which is highly important to me), I don't want to play ugly characters.

Basically the second this game goes on sale, super cheap on steam I'm buying it. Mods ahoy!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Everyone loves pokemon

No seriously. I've seen people who I would never have thought would play pokemon (sorority girls being a good example) but do. Maybe its due to nostalgia and/or the games general appeal of being (AWESOME) quality games.
Think about it. The games are multi-layered. They appeal to kids because its simple: catch pokemon, battle with pokemon. For us older folk there is complex strategy involved. Don't believe me? Check this place out. Pokemon are games almost anyone can enjoy, from the serious people who want to build a strong team to others who just want to make the cutest pokemon team ever!

Also Miltank is freaking badass.... (Seriously, heal bell, milk drink, earthquake/stealth rock, body slam...) and cute!