Sunday, October 24, 2010

Would you like some psychology with your games?

Not everyone who plays games is the best. But some people seem to think girls are inferior at gaming. Sure some girls do suck, as do some guys, but if a girl sucks its attributed to her gender. A guy sucks, well then he just sucks, not because he owns a penis.

Not to fear girls! We might be facing a stereotype threat. When someone is being tested (i.e. playing a multiplayer game) on a skill that is not something their group of people is seen at excelling at (girls suck at videogames!) they will often do poorly compared to a situation where they were not being tested (like sitting at home playing by themselves). There are not any studies on this though so I am basically making a hypothesis that girls might suffer from a stereotype threat while playing games and this hampers performance. I could be wrong but psychology is fun just like any science!

I have no idea how to counteract this effect though so either I didn't study enough social psychology or no one figured it out....

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