Sunday, January 9, 2011


This picture has nothing to do with this post... it is just hilarious.

I hate when professors ask you to introduce yourself to the class. I am not a particularly interesting person. I have never slaughtered a bull, rescued kittens from the side of the road (only because I never see any kittens by the side of the road) or speak 5 languages fluently.

My mind generally just blanks and I say "I play video games a lot?" But then I become horror stricken... I'm being a gamer gurrrrl. Que awkward slouching in seat and avoiding glances from internet savy types who would soon shoot hateful glares at my annoying internet stereotype. Yes, I am neurotic.

But why should I be afraid of saying I play games a lot? A guy can say it without feeling he is an annoying internet stereotype. Either you're a "gamer gurrrl" or its "omg you're a girl who plays games marry me!" Middle ground where are you?

Maybe its just me who sees this dichotomy or its me who is not seeing the middle ground. Or I just spend too much time on the damn internet.

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